Boat overview and passenger comfort

Our purpose-built boat complies with all safety regulations, its configuration provides spectacular viewing and ensures unmatched passenger comfort and superior stability.

With a generous sundeck area at the prow as well as gorgeous flybridge with a plenty of seating space and a sofa inside the cabin, comfort is not something you’ll need to worry about once you are on the board.

The different areas offer spectacular viewing opportunities for your Monte Cristo whale-watching trip, with the side and front deck giving that up close view of the whales and dolphins, while sundeck and flybridge provide a wonderful panorama of the entire coast.

You will notice that navigation is smooth due to the pronounced wide-shaped hull, which cuts the waves effortlessly.

The sail includes a delicious buffet accompanied by a selection of drinks and snacks.

Responsible behavior

Pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins are protected by several national and international laws and regulations. It is very important for us to offer a service, which is respectful to the animals and environment in which they live.

Whale & dolphins trips

Experience an up close and personal encounter with the ‘gentle giants’ of the ocean that promises to be an experience to be treasured.

The southern coast of Tenerife is a privileged place for watching whales and dolphins in the wild, as there are permanent pods of these marine mammals in the surrounding waters year round. The most common animals are bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales.

Every tour is different. You will never see the same thing no matter how many whale and dolphins watching trips you join. The behavior depends on the part of the day, the conditions of the sea, available food… There is a long list of factors that are beyond the spectator’s control.


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