Whale Watching and Dolphin Tours Tenerife

Whale watching and dolphin tours

Whale watching and dolphin tours in Tenerife where you can experience the comfort of cruising the Atlantic ocean on a luxurious catamaran, while having front-row seats when watching the whales and dolphins.
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Monte Cristo now exclusively offers catamaran tours limited to a small group.

Whales and Dolphins Tour in Tenerife

Whales / Dolphins / Sightseeing / Swimming / Food

Whale tour and dolphins trip from Monte Cristo is one of the best whale watch tours in Tenerife. Operating from Puerto Colon at the Costa Adeje, we offer multiple whale trips per day, seven days per week. Our purpose-built catamaran boat complies with all safety regulations and its configuration provides spectacular views, ensuring unmatched passenger comfort. Limited to a small group per excursion, we have superior stability when we cruise out to sea. Sightseeing the magnificent coastline of the island, while enjoying the opportunity of watching whales and meeting dolphins, all tours include a quality selection of food, snacks and drinks. Thousands of passengers went before you and rate our dolphin trips as a 5-star experience. Book directly on our website and reserve a seat on the Monte Cristo whale tours.

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3 Hours, Whale and Dolphin Tour Tenerife

3 Hours Cruises


The tour is available twice per day. This whale and dolphin tour takes you straight to discovering the wonderful world of the whales and dolphins. Thereafter, you can then relax on our spacious sundecks and fly-bridge to enjoy a delicious selection of drinks, fruit, snacks, tapas and more. You can opt for a swim, snorkel or just soak up the sun in front of the beautiful mountains of Tenerife.

2 Hours, Watching Whales and Dolphins Sunset Tour

3 Hours Private Cruise


The sunset tour is available once per day. This whale and dolphin trip is perfect for couples and families who want to experience the magic of sunset sailing while watching dolphins and whales. It will give a new perspective of island, while you can enjoy all the little luxuries that make being on a holiday so special.

Dolphin Tours

Responsible whale and dolphin tours

Pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins are protected by several national and international laws and regulations. It’s very important for us to offer a dolphin touring service, which is respectful to the animals and environment in which they live. Tenerife is a privileged place as there are permanent pods of these marine mammals in the surrounding waters year round. Every tour is different. You will never see the same thing no matter how many times you join.

Monte Cristo Reviews

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If you are looking to join a boat charter on one of the best catamarans, Monte Cristo is rated as one of the best excursions in Tenerife. Over 1000 reviews averagely rate our catamaran, whale and dolphin excursion as a 5-star experience. Read all about the unforgettable moments and memories of passengers that already went before you.


Great experience

Reviews Monte Cristo Catamaran Tours

"Great experience! We saw some whales on the day but sadly not dolphins. The staff was so nice and friendly which made the experience really cosy. Highly recommend doing this in Tenerife!"

Unforgettable experience in Tenerife

Reviews Monte Cristo Catamaran Tours

"I really loved the boat and the whole service from pick up to return was impeccable. Small group of people and generous on drinks,snacks and the Atlantic didn't fail to deliver whales and dolphins. These guys give their best... Michael the captain(I forgot his name) and Sisco are real care takers."

Just Brilliant!

Reviews Monte Cristo Catamaran Tours

"Fantastic trip. Highly recommended if you want to see whales and dolphins in their natural environment. The crew were brilliant, very informative and overall exceptional value."

Great adventure

Reviews Monte Cristo Catamaran Tours

"It was a really well planed trip, and the service was great! The staff was very friendly, and service minded. I would highly recommend you to go in this adventure!!"

Expectations absolutely fulfilled

Reviews Monte Cristo Catamaran Tours

"Excellent Trip, full recommendation. Whales are almost guaranteed, Tapas are fine and if they say "drinks included" they really mean it 🙂 We had a great time on the katamaran, finished by a nice stop in a small bay to go swimming and snorkeling. Michael and Andres were really polite and had a lot to tell about the whales and their habits."

Great trip

Reviews Monte Cristo Catamaran Tours

"Excellent crew and captain; fast, comfortable boat, care taken over local wildlife, and we saw both dolphins (two, bottle-nosed) and whales (LOTS, pilot!)
A real bonus to our short break on Costa Adeje. Definitely worth the money - highly recommended."

Loved this !

Reviews Monte Cristo Catamaran Tours

"Just back from the most amazing day! From the Initial pick up to the drop off, it was superb ! The guys couldn’t have been any nicer . We saw the best array of whales and dolphins , with the crew pointing them all us! Enjoyed a couple of glasses of cava and a swim in the sea when we anchored up! I want to do it all again tomorrow "

Outstanding service

Reviews Monte Cristo Catamaran Tours

"As you scroll through trip advisor you see quite a few companies with a solid wall of five star reviews, in the case of the Monte Cristo the reason is plain and simple. They make it their business to deliver a 1st class experience. The only reason I gave them five stars is that there wasn’t an option to give 6."

What a great day with the dolphins

Reviews Monte Cristo Catamaran Tours

"Our family went out on a trip with this amazing catamaran. The staff was great, really nice guys! We really liked the food too! Not like other boats just a sandwich. We enjoyed it a lot! One of the best trips we had on Tenerife."

Meeting Point

Transfer / Boarding / Puerto Colón

The harbour of Puerto Colón is the heart of Monte Cristo Catamaran Tours operations. Please be aware that we provide a free transfer to and from the tour in Tenerife South, within a 20 km radius from the port "Puerto Colón" where our tour starts. The catamaran anchors at Dock 6, which is the location where you can board our whales and dolphin trips.

Boarding Pantalán 6

Boarding Catamaran


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